who we are

We're a passionate group of people that want to help you build your online education with as little or as much of your input, time, effort, and personal expertise you desire.

We understand that you may not have the time or resources on hand to develop your curriculum and content all on your own - that's where we come in, and it's where we shine. We provide that service to you, and work with you every step of the way to bring your vision to life, and we do that at little to no cost to you.

If you partner with us, we'll provide a necessary platform for you to reach out to more students in an age where physical classrooms and schedules just don't always meet the needs of individual students or employees, all while helping you cut costs by eliminating the need for instructors and/or classroom space.


Make every course

We'll work with you to design and put your personal touch and knowledge into every course you need, train you on our software, and get you ready to start signing up your students.

  • Get as much or as little involved in the building process as you want - we can consult with experts for all of it or just the final touches.
  • Courses as short or as long as you need.
  • We use a unique combination of text, images, audio, and video to bring it to life.
  • We can also customize the look of the software to fit your brand, including logo.

Set up tests, custom settings, and
track progress

We use multiple methods, including discussions and tests to ensure students have the most optimal experience to aid in retaining what they've learned. We can even set several other types of restrictions and features including, but not limited to:

  • Receive notification when a student completes or fails a lesson or entire course.
  • View course record and track progress.
  • Allow unlimited test tries or restrict to a certain number before forcing to take a lesson again.
  • Set up periodic identity verification throughout a course.
  • Restrict the time spent in a course section to prevent skipping ahead, including limiting the amount of lessons completed per day and the maximum days a course must be completed in prior to expiration.

Multiple ways to
sign up students

We offer some simple and flexible ways to get your students signed up and going.

  • Register students yourself using easy user management tools.
  • Provide a special registration link to students to sign up for accounts and courses on their own, with or without accepting their payment along the way.
  • Integrate your website or system and register students behind-the-scenes via a simple API call.
Starting as Low as $ 10 / Course / Student

We start as low as $10 per course taken by a student, depending on the level of effort and complexity needed to design the course.

What we charge you

As we mentioned, most of the time we charge nothing for our course development services - we make every effort to make that FREE to you, depending on the complexity - we often only charge you afterward when someone takes your course.

  • No monthly commitment - we charge per course taken, and only after it's been started.
  • No annual contract - cancel any time.
  • No limit to course size - we create courses as small as 1 or 2 hours, or as large as 100+ hours.

Contact us and request a demo