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Course: Public Safety Driving School - Complete Package - 24 Hour Teen Online Course with Behind-The-Wheel

Price: $338.00

Total Charge: $338.00

***Public Safety Driving School charges a $50.00 fee for any returned check***

PAYMENT PLANS & REFUNDS – Payment plans may be available by calling the office. Additional fees may apply. No refunds will be given if _____ is willing and able to complete all training above within six months of the date of the first class. ______ accepts cash, checks and credit cards (VISA, MC, AE, or DISC). 

CLASSROOM TRAINING NOTE - A student may begin online or traditional classroom sessions at 15 years and 5 months of age and may begin in-vehicle lessons at 15 and 6 months old if 1.) they possess a Temporary Permit and 2.) have shown proof of at least 2 hours of classroom instruction. All students must attend 24 hours of classroom training and pass a final exam with a score of 75% or better. Students have 3 tries to pass the final classroom exam. If the student cannot pass after the 3rd attempt, all training and associated costs must be repeated.  ______ will furnish a licensed instructor for all training. Driver training schools and their instructors are licensed by the Department of Public Safety through the Ohio Driving Training Program Office, 1970 W Broad Street Columbus, OH 43223.

IN-VEHICLE TRAINING – Once a student has a Temporary Permit, have paid in full and have completed at least 2 hours of traditional classroom training or turned in their 2 hour online classroom enrollment certificate, in vehicle lessons may be scheduled and completed. All lessons are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. A 24-hour notice is required to reschedule or cancel an in-vehicle lesson. A ___ rescheduling fee will be charged if we do not receive appropriate notice and is considered a “no show”. All students must have their driving permit, closed toed shoes (no flip-flops) and glasses/contacts (if prescribed) with them for all in-vehicle lessons. Students arriving for an in-vehicle lesson without any of these will result in a cancelled lesson and a rescheduling fee. In order to allow time for the student to practice key skills, ____ suggests at least _ days between in-vehicle lessons. ____ instructors are not responsible for students prior to or after a scheduled class time or in-vehicle lesson.

CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION - DSO will issue a Certificate of Completion for all students who are under 18 years of age and who successfully complete the 24 hour classroom and 8 hour in-vehicle course. Please allow ____ business days to receive your certificate of completion in the mail upon the successful completion of the course. Expedited certificates of completion may be arranged with customer service for a $___ fee. If a Certificate of Completion is lost or misplaced, a duplicate certificate may be issued at a cost of $______. 

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