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Course: Public Safety Driving School - 4-Hour Abbreviated Adult Course

Price: $99.99

Total Charge: $99.99


Public Safety Driving School - 24889 Aurora Rd Bedford Heights, OH 44146

ADULT 4-HOUR COURSE NOTE - All students must complete 4 hours of online instruction based upon the “Abbreviated Adult Course Curriculum” and pass a final exam with a score of 75% or better. Students have 3 tries to pass the final exam. If the student cannot pass after the 3rd attempt, all training and associated costs must be repeated.  We will furnish a licensed instructor for all training. Driver training schools and their instructors are licensed by the Department of Public Safety through the Ohio Driving Training Program Office, 1970 W Broad Street Columbus, OH 43223. *Students have 90 days to complete the course, beginning on the date the course is started.

PAYMENT PLANS & REFUNDS – Payment plans may be available by calling the office. Additional fees may apply. No refunds will be given if we are willing and able to complete all training above within six months of the date of the first class. We accept cash, checks and credit cards (VISA, MC, AE, or DISC).

POLICIES FOR DISMISSAL: A student may be dismissed from the course at any time for any of the following reasons:

1.    If a student does not meet Ohio state requirements for the course.

2.    If a student is found to be cheating at any point during the course.

3.    If an unauthorized person is found to be taking the course on behalf of the student.

***Public Safety Driving School charges a $50.00 fee for any returned check***

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