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*To meet course requirements and to avoid an additional $50.00 fee, the on-line classes must be completed within 9 months of On-line class Start date.  The Behind the wheel lessons will be complete with-in 9 months of the date the student obtains their temps.  This contact will be void with-in 13 months from the date the student obtains their Temps, and Lawdogs will not provide any further instruction, regardless of lessons completed. 


NOTICE: DRIVING IS A HIGH RISK/ADULT ACTIVITY....Therefore any student who demonstrates a lack of maturity, or respect for the privilege to drive, through continued disruption or misbehavior, will be dismissed from class, or Driver Ed vehicle.


Due to the inconvenience to the other scheduled/paired students, In addition to the above;-I also agree to pay $50.00 for each missed BTW appointment or cancellation not called in 8 hours in advance. We reserve the right to delay or reschedule service. This agreement constitutes the entire contract between the driving school and the student, and no verbal statement of promises will be recognized. The school will not refund any tuition or part of tuition if the school is ready, willing, and able to fulfill its part of the agreement as stated.


ATTENTION:  It is the Students/Parents responsibility that the MV 3001 form is filled out completely prior to arriving to the DMV for the student road test.  Information needed to be checked are as follows: School number, School name, Instructor signature, date, and Tests Passed boxes checked.