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Course: Failure to Yield

Price: $85.00

Total Charge: $85.00

After registering, please call our office at 608-318-2388 to make your payment for the online DE classes, All online or  Hybrid.  You will also need to submit a contract-(click here to download). Failure to yield class can be paid for online. (see below)

Office Hours are Monday - Thursday 3-8 PM   Saturday & Sunday  12-3 PM

You can also come to our office at 1510 W Main St Suite 400 Sun Prairie WI 53590

The total cost for DE and behind-the-wheel is $390.00.  You have 90 days after you start the online or Hybrid class to finish.

  • Online course: The online course will meet the DMV requirements of 30 hours of online classroom instruction done in fifteen (15) 2-hour sessions when completed within 90 days of start date.
  • Hybrid course: With some in-class instruction and some online instruction.   The Hybrid course will meet the DMV requirements of 10 hours of classroom done in 5-2hour sessions and 20 hours of online instruction done within 90 days of the start date. The total for the Hybrid or Online course and behind-the-wheel is $390.00
  •  Refresher course:  If it has been more than 13 months since the classroom driver education was completed, the student must take a refresher classroom course before beginning the behind-the-wheel course. The total cost for the refresher course and behind-the-wheel is $337.00 This course will consist of 10 hours of classroom training done in five  2-hour sessions.
  • Failure to yield course: $85.00 Payment must be paid before instruction can begin. click here to download a contract for the FTY course. Please sign, date and email to Dan.  ( The failure to Yield course meets the state requirement of 12hrs of instruction. This will be completed online. Payment can be made online.

A helpful tool alongside the driver's education course is the motorist handbook.   Which is located at This will give you helpful information before taking your learner's permit test. Read as an eBook on your eReader device, tablet, mobile phone or desktop computer.

Only doing online DE? The cost is $150.00

Only doing the driver education classroom refresher course? The cost is $100.00

Remember you will have 90 days after you start the online driver education class to finish. Hybrid or Online.


There are also other behind-the-wheel options. You can do less observation, and more driving or no observation and all driving.  Any option will satisfy your qualifications for your license. 

Behind the Wheel (BTW) and Observation (OBS)

6 BTW / 6 OBS
(State requirement)
7 BTW / 4 OBS»$280.00
8 BTW / 2 OBS»$320.00
9 BTW / 0 OBS»


We will also need a signed contract before we can activate the online course. You can find this on our website at under the teens or adults tab,  along with other useful information. You can also come into our office to acquire and sign this form. 

If you need more time you can extend the time to finish the online course for a fee of $25.00 You will need this option if you don't finish within 90 days of starting.

Also please don't use the mobile app or Google site for information. It isn't all included in these. Please only use

All refunds will be issued within thirty days from the date of request.

There will be a $40 fee for less than a 24-hour notice of cancellation for Behind the Wheel. Cancellation can be done by phone or email.

No completion will be given until all fees have been paid in full.

The school will not refund any tuition or part of tuition if the school is ready, willing and able to fulfill its part of the agreement.

Thank you,


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