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Course: Decker's Driving Academy - 20 Hours Hybrid - 2.0

Price: $420.00

Total Charge: $420.00

Students have 90 Days to complete the Online Classroom instruction or the Hybrid Classroom. Upon expiration, students will be required to pay an additional $25.00 for their account to be unlocked to continue through the online instruction without starting over and have an additional 30 days to complete.

Hybrid Classroom students will pick a time frame from the list on the Decker's Driving Academy website marked for "Hybrid Schedule".

Students then can take the State signs and written test with us or with the DMV. (Student decision for State test needs to be made known prior to Decker's Driving Academy for appropriate paperwork {MV-3001} to be filled out.) 

Students who are only taking the online classroom only, will be contacted through e-mail with a "Classroom Completion Certification", to be presented to the behind the wheel driving school they will be using to complete the instruction if not using Decker's Driving Academy.

Right of Way students have 10 days to complete the 2-hour course or a service fee will be added to the account in the amount of $25.00.

Note; if wanting to do payment structure you will begin with the classroom only for $125.00 this would leave a balance of $295.00 and let us know by email you are looking to do behind the wheel with us as well. Click the back arrow twice, then click on the blue tab for classroom only. (1st installment of $125.00  for sign up, second installment of $147.50 when ready for State written test and MV-3001 form, third installment of $147.50 when ready to  start  Behind the Wheel instruction).

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