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Course: CW Driving School ONLINE ONLY 30 hours_2019

Price: $385.00

Total Charge: $385.00

Application and Agreement for Driver Education and Training

(As required by the state of Wisconsin Pursuant to provisions of Section 343.71 34 of the Motor Vehicle Code)

I hereby make application to CW Driving School for driver education and training.  I agree to pay the fee as follows:

a. The driver education and training program consisting of 6 hours of in car instruction & 6 hrs of 

observation for a total of $355.00.

b. A charge of $54.00 will be made for each in car lesson which is not cancelled 24 hours in 

advance/showing up without Instruction Permit or signing a new application form when temps 


c. Refresher in car lessons will be $54.00 per hour.  Such instruction will be given only to persons

with previous driving experience.

d. The total cost of the ONLINE classroom phase will be $30.00. I will not sign the application form until classroom is complete.

e. A not refundable deposit of $125.00 is required when enrolling.

f. It is understood that the trainee may use the driver training vehicle to take their road test for a fee of $150.00 or anytime over 2 hrs. the student will pay the hourly rate which is stated in letter “C” of this contract.  (This includes a ½ hr pre road test lesson.)

This contract is good for 1 year and guarantees prices for 1 year.  If gas prices go above $4.00 per gallon when you receive your MV3001 Form, there will be an additional $12.00 fee added to your total cost.

The school shall be responsible for providing lessons only at the agreed upon times and places. 

 The driving school will not refund any tuition or part of tuition if the school is ready, willing and able to fulfill its part of the agreement.

“This constitutes the entire agreement between the school and the student and no verbal statements or promises will be recognized.”

I am under 18 and the TOTAL COST of my lessons (as printed in “A” or “D” will be $385.00 for Online class.  If paying in installment, there is a convenient fee of $50.00

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