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Course: Cruisin Safely - 30 Hours Online classroom only - 2.0

Price: $150.00

Total Charge: $150.00

Cruisin’ Safely Motorcycle & Driving Instruction, LLC

Application and Agreement

I hereby make application to Cruisin’ Safely Motorcycle & Driving Instruction, LLC.

 I agree to pay a fee of $400 for a complete course of driving instruction including 10 hours of traditional classroom and 20 hours online (Hybrid) or 30 hours online classroom instruction, 6 hours car observation and 6 hours behind-the-wheel instruction.   Students must begin behind-the-wheel with Cruisin' Safely within 60 days of the signing of their MV3001.  


I agree to pay $150 for 30 hours of online or 20 hour online/10 hours interactive classroom only.


 I agree to pay $300 for 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction & 6 hours obs. only. 

Additional behind-the-wheel instruction is $65 per hour.

Use of Cruisin’ Safely automobile for road test $65 if scheduled at the Oshkosh DMV and a previous student of Cruisin’ Safely.

Students that miss scheduled drive appointments without at least 48 hours’ notice will be charged $40.

Students may be asked to leave the classroom for any behavior considered inappropriate by the instructor.  Parents will be informed and the student must pay $20 to be allowed back in class.

The school will not refund any tuition if the school is ready, willing and able to fulfill its part of the agreement.  Classroom and behind the wheel lessons must be completed within two years of the purchase date.

The school is designed to enhance traffic safety education and does not guarantee anyone a Wisconsin driver’s license.

This agreement constitutes the entire contact between the school and the student and no verbal statement or promise will be recognized.

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